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Whitney Olivia Rizer, Cumberland, Maryland

Whitney Olivia Rizer, Cumberland, Maryland

Whitney is a crazy slut who loves to sleep with lots of men for sex and money. She will stalk you harass your family send you to jail once you break up with her. She has had all the std’s she has had will cheat and lie on you thinks she can have any men she wants. she is made at you will have you arrested on fake charges will set you up by the police then visit you write you email you while you or in jail go after your family loves yo play the victim. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time she had an affair and cheated on me. She then began drinking heavily, and daily. She was verbal abuse to me.

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  1. This page is completely fabricated and if you check md judiciary case search you’ll see the psycho responsible for slandering whitney..pathetic. lol

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